Sunday, August 14, 2005

Much better 

Yes, today was Sunday. It was not, however, a day of rest for this house in Pualani Estates (chode of a name too, isn't it? Makes you think of a stuffy shite-encrusted subdivision, eh? You are correct). Our day started with a voyage back to the land of $3.50 an hour work, to work one more hour to complete our deservation of the money we were paid yesterday (we had no change, so extra money went from his hand, to ours, to the grocery). It was quick, we chatted with M, the owner of the farm. Great guy, interesting as hell. Too bad we suck at picking cherry because he's a good 'boss' and he'd be neat to kick around with after a hard day of picked and chat up over a beer. So it goes.

'Breakfast' at a healthy foods store followed, a meal which left me hungry too soon after (just in time to have no access to food).

A quick stop by home preceded our next job. This job...ooh yeah! We spent almost five hours pulling these gawd-awful vines which varied in width from thread to my bicep (a whopping 65-inches). Good times. Hard work, but the lady who owned the place was really neat (she's becoming a Buddhist priest and is going to India next year to take a 2-week class taught by the Dalai Lama. Cool beans!), gave us nice water breaks which allowed us to observe her 'pet' ducks waddle around the yard (awesome, funny little critters, decades ahead of chickens in terms of tolerability), and paid us pretty well. Unfortunately, lack of food (and sleep?) intervened and turned me effectively mute for most of the afternoon. I managed to continue working without keeling over, which was impressive, but I was not Mr. Chatty. Next time. She's topped our list of places to work.

Not only all that, but she has meditation nights at her house! We managed to weasel an invite, and Thursday we're heading over to check it out. Should be...interesting. I've been wanting to check out this meditation stuff and this will be a good intro. Hell of a beautiful setting (her farm seems to go from rain foresty to almost pine foresty). I'll let you know how well I do at sitting still for three 25-minute sessions.

Watched an episode of 'Coupling' over some home-made enchiladas. That show is hilarious! Those wacky Brits...

Speaking of, Monty Python's Flying Circus was on the other night (many episodes) and there was an extended version of the 'Upper Class Twit of the Year' competition skit. Awesome! One of my faves

Enough of this. Time to set some music to downloading while I go eat some home-made cookies while the Simpsons buoy my already good mood

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