Friday, August 26, 2005


Today was a day built for digging large holes: hot, humid, and not a damn cloud in the sky and no nearby shade offering. My shirt was soaked thru 10 minutes after the first shovel hit the dirt. And let me tell ya something-I stink. No, really. Reeka. I don't know if it's that farm (all the chemicals and whatnot they use), but I can't remember smelling so bad so constantly. All those days in SE Asia, hot and humid without deodorant, and my scent was intoxicating in comparison to what boils off of me these days. It's strange. Good thing I am not trying to impress anyone.

Speaking of which, I just got out of the shower and am sitting in the dark drinking ice water. The sweat is literally pouring off of me. Feel any pity for me yet?

Back to the holes. There was a reason for them, and a good one at that. Lemon and lime trees! What fun I had, I swear. The holes were about 3' in diameter and 3' deep. Perhaps mine ended up deeper and wider than those created by others, but hey. Do a job and do it your version of right, right? Doesn't matter. It was a good boost for my bulging muscles and all that. Or it simply made me sweat like a bastard, creating a halo of space around me. That might be an idea for traveling: dig some holes in the sun and let my stench repel harrassment-intent locals? Could work. Tho digging holes in the middle of a city may be discouraged. Only one way to find out.

Napoleon Dynamite. Awesome, awesome, movie. Rented it on the way home and watched it over lunch. Might have to watch it again tonight

No more bean dip, please! Too much is bulging me up, threatening to disperse my innards atop certain feline creations.

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