Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Da da da 

This afternoon D and I headed down to the beach. Waded out into the water, stumbling over rocks and sharp things to deeper water and a sandy bottom. Stayed out there a long while, talking and conversing. A nice chat. It's exciting that he is to go traveling with me. He's living away from his parents' home for the first time, first time traveling. A short hop to Hawaii and then on to Asia. Impressive, eh? I'm impressed.

After staying in the water long enough to get cold we eventually made it ashore over the rocks again (I bloodied a knee. That was exciting. I think I'm in need of a good blood-letting) then sat on a rock wall and checked out the scene while talking a while longer.

D, C and I ate dinner on the back patio and watched the sun dip into the ocean then watched Family Guy. Good times.

Now it's blessedly late. I just finished a Rogue Guy beer, and the Dropkick Murphy's are wailing in my ears.

Not all is bad, don't worry

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