Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Insane. In my opinion, all cats are insane. However, the cats here at the farm take the cake over any cat I've ever known (except for Gus, but he was/is a special exception. Just look at his owner). Never have I seen a collection of cats so intent on attention, and so forward at getting it. All of them head-butt you and force their head into your hands or legs or any body part in an attention getting maneuver. All the time. The meow and whine and cry and jump on you and claw you. Sophie, who is right now crying and wandering all over our studio, has ascended to the rank of Top Annoyer. She has been crying constantly. When she climbs up into your lap, she has all claws out and kneads your lap for long periods of time to 'get comfortable'. Not a nice thing. She is constantly around. If you are sleeping, she'll get atop you and pass out. She has her psychotic episodes late at night (like most cats?) which are made all the more nerve-wracking by her club foot and lone eye. Arthur, however, is the most persistent at getting pets. He will open-mouth nibble on any exposed skin until you pay him mind. I've been hiding under the sheets the last few mornings in an attempt to avoid his harassment.

Where is a good dog when you need one?

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