Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A bad idea all around 

The Bs came back. This morning over breakfast we got a call from them asking us to come to dinner tonight (we'd agreed to meet them fr pizza tomorrow night. A 'going away' shindig. We know how those go), as the next night didn't work for them.

Long story short, they had a couple other people to call and invite (bosses of ours at another job) and I asked them to get back to us with details. At 4pm I called them and left a message on their machine asking if dinner was on and what time we needed to be there. Never got a call. We headed over a little after 6:30, and every one else was eating already (the Bs, new intern, and the other bosses).

It was a decent meal only because M and L, the other bosses, were there. Great guys and a riot! With them we had an actual conversation, while the Bs went on their conversation killing tangents. Not long into the meal the Bs both tore into D and upbraided him for his 'shortcomings'. Very insulting, very out of place, condescendingand beyond uncalled for. He stood up and walked off, ignoring the 'apologies' for giving him a hard time. Good for him! I'm so glad he didn't stop. They were rude beyond belief. He-B felt really bad. She-B blamed D's leaving on He-B. Apparently her rude comments (to everyone) all night and especially to D had nothing to do with his mood; at least in her mind. She asked if the ONE beer he'd had was maybe the reason for his mood. The rest of us choked back all we wanted to say, as we didn't want to go off in front of M and L. If they hadn't been there, the Bs would have been torn to bits themselves.

D is an amazing guy. He'd do anything for anyone and smile the entire time. Great guy, all around, in no way deserving of the treatment he got.

The Bs called these other bosses, once, and told them that D would not be coming to work that day as they were really busy and needed him at the farm. D had worked his hours already. They didn't talk to D before calling. WAY out of bounds.

Tonight was ludicrous. Everyone was unhappy with them, and they didn't notice anyone but D being pissed. Their inability to self-analyze is amazing!

I havent been that hacked off in a long while. Unfortunately an opportunity did not arise to say anything to the Bs. I refuse to argue with someone in front of innocent bystanders (except in special cases that don't really count), and didn't want to serve up verbal aces in front of M and L (who are in complete agreement with how out of line the Bs are with D. They've noticed it for a while as well. Not a good sign for the Bs. (While the accomodations there are nice, it's pretty much known all around that you get what you pay for: a nice place to squat, but a lot of shite to put up with)).

Thank god there won't be any reason to see them again before leaving. He-B has redeemable qualities, but it's been almost impossible to see any in She-B for a while. And there ain't no need to hang around with someone whose aim in life is to make others miserable. Life's too short

Next time you go over accidentally spill a large container of pesticide on their property. Then leak it anonymously to the Organic Farm regulation commitee, or whatever it is called, that you believe they are using chemicals on their property. That should get them out of the organic business and save poor unsuspecting interns from their torment.
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