Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another good send-off 

Worked for four hours this morning shoveling mulch at my other job (now my primary job!). Left at noon-thirty and started hitching. Stood in the same spot for an hour, begging every passing vehicle (be they car, SUV, motorcycle, electric company trucks, cement mixers...) to please stop and be my salvation. My feet hit the driveway here at 2pm.

Went right to work picking coffee.

Finished around 415pm, then ran around in the pouring rain. Shirtless, barefoot (in sandals though. Lava rick is bad for bare feet), and happy. The rain here is so cleansing and I felt refreshed and happy when I retreated to the studio to dry off and warm up.

Dinner was....pretty much the same as C's last dinner, but without the wine. Nasty comments throughout. For a while, I was thinking that they had forgotten that I am leaving tomorrow. But no, they know. And they don't seem to care. Four months of toil here, and apparently they could care less. Well, maybe they do care. Since they didn't plan ahead enough to set up having new interns come in. Not my fault.

I don't mind the lack of fuss (though who doesn't like hearing "Thanks for all your work. It's been fun and we appreciate all you've done"), but dinner was painful. Mid-way thru I considered walking out. I just don't like constant (baseless) passive-aggressive bitchy comments. Gets old, ya know?

People. Passing the blame is so easy, isn't it? Prime picking season is fast approaching, and all their interns are leaving! What assholes we are!

I gave less notice to my engineering company. And they didn't react this way. They assessed their needs and replaced/divied up work as necessary.

They still don't seem to understand the negative assessments they've gotten from past workers. They think they are blameless and perfect. Well, now I understand them. My guess is that before long they won't be using organic volunteer websites to get organic volunteers. And perhaps they won't go thru with becoming an organic farm. They just don't get it

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