Monday, August 29, 2005

Another day down 

Chainsaw. That's how the day began. I got to play around and do some damage with a small chainsaw. I'm thinking perhaps I'll buy one to travel with. No one will mess with my bags if I have one of them bad boys hanging out on my back, yeah? ANd when I get bored, say on a train or bus or in the middle of the city, I can break it out and dazzle the crowds. Juggle with it even. Better buy at least two then. Juggling with one chain saw ain't nearly as impressive as juggling with two, I'd assume.

Anyway, played around with it a while then yanked hell on some weeds. Not a bad day of work. I left early to sit in the library for a bit to gander thru a book with many many internships to gain some ideas for possible future employment. Didn't take any notes, tho I found some good stuff. I figure since the book is from '02 and I am going to Asia, making notes now won't do me a whole lot of good

Ramen does me good tho. And some water, of which I am in need of at this juncture

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