Saturday, July 30, 2005

Plodding along 

Today is Saturday. It's been a very slow morning. My coffee is almost depleted; the papaya and blueberry pancakes were delicious but are now fermenting in my belly. I think I may have found a nice chunk of cash that I didn't realize I had uninvested and I got my money back from plane tickets to Nepal I cancleed a year ago (now I have a big negative on a credit card that I do not have in my possession, it's in Chicago collectng dust). In a minute we're running to the grocery to get food and supplies for the mini-non-party that is transpiring at the farm tonight (we are calling it "The Secret Party" b/c the owners of this place are on another island for the weekend, and the old owners are coming over). Subsequently, I must wander the upper farm with a bucket around my neck and fun tunes in my ears and collect ripe coffee beans. Hopefully plenty of time will be left to enjoy a frozen drink or 3 on the drying deck.

Wish me luck

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