Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On the road 

In the morning I am hitching a ride into town with B&B for a few reasons:

1. Apply for a tour vehicle washing job in town (coincidentally, the place is right next to the Kona Brewing Company. Coincidence? I think not)

2. Get a Hawaii driver's license.

Why? There are a few ads in the classifieds for taxi drivers, and a quick phone call to one enlightened me to the need for a local license. Wish me luck, it's a dream job! Driving, the graveyard shift, a taxi (which means the rules of the road barely apply)? Awesome!

3. Pick up a rental car.

Yes, we are tossing out some cash. E leaves the island for New Zealand next Monday, and we haven't seen nearly enough of the island. So at least me and the girls are heading out tomorrow until Saturday. D may come for all of it or part of the trip. The guy has no confrontational skills, so we are not sure he's asked for the days off from his restaurant gig. Supposedly he'll tell us tonight. Our plan is to head down to Volcano tomorrow and see the flowing lava at night. Waipio (sp?) Valley is next, a beautiful valley with a nice beach(es), with a trip to the top of Mauna Kea finishing off the journey. I am really looking forward to it!

Imagine, me as a taxi driver! Is that an awesome visual or what?

Imagine the stories that will come out of that endeavor!

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