Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another day at the beach 

The day may have begun in a haze of sleepy and led directly into work, but everything worked out ok. By 10am I'd decided that noon was the end of the work day, and D agreed (the girls didn't have to work at all today). A quick lunch and a few extra chores later (the B's kept tossing stuff at us as though they were trying to prevent our excursion to fun) we piled into Charlene and headed to the beach.

What a day it was! The sun was a bit cloud obscured, but people were grilling and laying about all over the beach without it seeming crowded. Young Hawaiians were bodyboarding and kids were splashing about. After a quick dip into the ocean, I retired to my blanket and finally finished the biography I've been reading about Che Guevara (I don't mean to give away the ending, but he died!). As I laid in there pondering a nap, I changed my mind when I heard the girls laughing at D's frolicking in the waves. Running from the beach, he was leaping and 'flipping' (flopping) into and over the waves as they broke. Feeling boisterous, I joined him; at first I stuck to leaping into the waves but soon I was flipping next to him. The Nerf football made an appearance against the back of D's head (courtesy of E) and the shenanigans began. A pseudo-football game began with me and D alternating mini-drownings after tacklings. It was a great time! Lots of running around and acting like an....18 year old (ouch). Our focus soon turned, and C found herself tossed into the waves against her will. Hehe. E followed of her own accord and we all got pounded by the waves for a while.

Good times! Since the rain moved in, we left and dropped D off at one of his many other jobs. This job is his four times-a-week cook job at a Mexican restaurant (he promised to bring us burritos again tonight), and we were able to convince him to gank us some garlic. I just got out of the shower and am waiting for dinner. It's going to be an Italian night: garlic bread, wine, pasta and....maybe that's it. Hm. I wonder which item I am supposed to be preparing? Eventually someone will tell me. In the meantime, maybe I'll take a nap...

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