Sunday, July 31, 2005

All alone 

The bouncing of the Little Red Truck was making my kidneys scream out in protest. The shocks of the truck echoes the sentiment. I giggled with glee. All around was nothing but an old lava flow-no trees or foliage of any kind, and only the barest traces of a 'road' thru the gravel. Desolate seems almost too kind a descriptor for the scenery. Black and barren. But a traversing of the flow was necessary to reach what we hoped would be a special place: a black sand beach and no crowds. All inhabitants of the car clung to something and worried about wrenching the undercarriage from the LRT. But it was not to be (yes, I am an expert driver). Eventually we neared the ocean, 2 hulked out wrecks of ex-cars, and some terrain I felt no need to drive over. I turned off the truck, which was resting with its front tires against a large boulder, we grabbed our stuff and struck out across the rocks to what we hoped was the beach.

Amazing. No one around for literally miles (a very hard feat to accomplish on a Hawaiian beach it seems). Nothing but blackness all around. The beach itself was only about 100 feet long and the waves were crashing up on it in a very uninviting way, but it was beautiful. We plunked down and ate and relaxed, loving the lack of people. It was hot, yes, sitting on black sand in the blazing sun with no shade for miles, but it was worth it. The sound of waves is one of my fave sounds (in HI), and that's all there was to hear.

Once again, I felt as though I were at the ends of the earth. Although this scene was much less dramatic and violent than the volcano, it felt similar. Desolate and no signs of life except for the urchins and a couple crabs. The primordial soup kept splashing up the beach and I half expected to see something crawl up out of the water and say "hi". An amazing thing. Maybe I am losing my mind (is there a question?), but how incredible! A special feeling to be sure. But Hawaii tends to do that to me. I wonder what I'll get out of this trip.

It was the first time to these islands that changed my life completely, and the second time had a pretty huge impact as well. Time number three has yet to prove itself...

I do have pictures. Be patient

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