Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ah, the good life! 

Today the three of us picked almost 100 pounds of coffee cherry between us. We then pulped it and it now sits fermenting in a pool of water.

Upon finished, I laid into the Little Red Truck.

That's right! We have it back! In my mind, the old owner's of this farm (who are loaning us the truck and are amazing people) have given it to me. At the last dinner thing at their house the convo went like this: "Corey. You can drive a manual transmission?"


"Come back here tomorrow and pick up the truck so you have a way to get around."

"Rad. Thank you so much!".

So C (not me) is not longer the Golden Child with them, I am (or so I tell everyone).

Back to the point. The LRT (Charlene) has a new clutch and we retook posession about a week ago. After parking it in the driveway, we noticed the smell of burning oil. It hasn't gone away. A cursory glance under the hood and under the engine showed quite a bit of oil splattered all over the place. I could find nothing at which to point a finger. A call went out to K to let him know. He said it was normal! Seems a cam shaft is causing problems, and most if not all of the engine needs an overhaul, which won't happen until after their trip to England next month (when we three will be house sitting for them closer to town and only working jobs that will give us cash). All we need to do is watch the oil and maybe keep it clean.

Which is how I found myself on my back under Charlene after work today with a rag and a couple cans of Natty (Natural) Light, listening to country music. What a combo that is, eh? Pretty sweet, though I felt as though I should have been working on a Camero or something.

The Natty brought me back to the college days. It's be pretty nice to be sitting on the old ratter couch with my buds drinking Natty, watching Tommy Boy (or Dave L) and eating bean dip. One day, fellers, once I meander my way back 'home'.

The dinner bell is ringing and I still need a shower. More cowbell!!

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