Thursday, June 09, 2005

Whose life am I in now? 

What a turnaround! No longer is there a mute on the premises! The new roommate is a pretty cool dude. First of all, he talks! He's asked all sorts of questions about the last several months and loves to hear travel stories! I hope I didn't use them all up yet.

After tearing up 43.6 acres of weeds today we hit the library (of course I had to leave with 3 more books. I am now in the middle of 3 books, about to start a 4th) then a bakery on the way home (that is where one of our rides dropped us) where we had a cookie and scone while waiting for another ride. Post-dinner activities included watching cable and reading travel books and discussing future travel plans.

THEN, this lad whipped up some bean dip! Yes, it was after dinner, and we ate it all, and I am now feeling like a zit 10 seconds away from bursting, but that's ok! One of these mornings he's going to make me banana pancakes. What's happened here??

What this means for you, the reader, is a greatly reduced amount of whining (from me). Doesn't that make you happy?

Question: I woke up yesterday with a large bump in my armpit. It could be a mosquito bite, I am not sure. Seems kinda chunky for that. After how many days without it receding should I begine to worry?

69 Dude!
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