Saturday, June 11, 2005

What am I doing 

Rambling and making half efforts seems to be my forte.
Sure, I'll go to grad school in a year. How much real effort am I putting forth to accomplish this?
Of course I'd love to go back to Asia, and will do so this winter. Again, how much effort is being expended?
Other things, I'm working, but never seal the deal.
Short attention span and avoidance seem to be my specialites lately. And I am supposed to get back to Chicago on the 10th of July. But then what the hell am I going to do. Oh yeah, haven't really thought that far ahead. Which means more wasted time trying to come up with a plan once I get there. Some things never change, right?

Hit the beach after work. Played in some waves, read my books, watched the water (and the scarce bikinis) and enjoyed some relaxing time. Just watched the movie "Changing Lanes" at the bosses' church. Kept my mouth shut and voiced none of my opinions on organized religion. But I did eat some of the pizza provided.

Now a glass of Bushmills is keeping me company while the new roomie is being inundated with pictures (mostly of cats) by B. Poor bastard.

And I am left here wondering....what the fuck am I doing? Maybe this line of questioning means it's time to get moving and lose myself again. Could be

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