Friday, June 24, 2005

The way a Friday should be 

Played with the wood chipper again this morning. I am sore, tired, bruised and cut up. And it was great! The best part came after the work was over-tour 'host' laid out some beers and water for us to slake our thirst. As the rain cascaded down we sipped some home brew and Guinness, stared out at the ocean, and discussed traveling and beer. Hell of a good day.

But of course then I had to head back 'home' to work some more. Played with a power washer and had a good time. As I peer at the clock right now I see that my presence at dinner will be late yet again. Oopsie

And my first G&T in a long while just fell dry. Oh how I missed you!

Feeling saucy. Time to mess with the cats

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, do NOT mess with cats! Don't you know that when you die, your soul moves into the body of a cat? Just remember that what goes around, comes around...

And you just downed a G & T, eh? I am jealous! I am trying to be on the wagon until the trip - 11 more days. No way in hell I will make it that long though. I already know of three drinking nights coming up. Ah well, another lost cause.
You can mess with cats at will and not suffer in the next life as long as it's done in a playful way. Afterall, cats are sadistic and a tad evil themselves. A bit like women?

The wagon is a rough girl to fall off of. You're better off never getting on. Good luck
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