Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Uh oh 

Yesterday saw the return of something I haven't experienced in a while. Must be the relaxed atmosphere out here, but I haven't found myself getting really worked up about anything in a while (if there is a semi-recent blog that refutes this statement, we'll just pretend that there isn't). Yesterday we made a run down to the library. Since I am going to be here longer (that is right, I have extended my stay. Due to the recent influx of fun, I've decided to try and have more) I felt obliged to check out more books.

That was not the problem. The problem was a recent issue of Time that was sitting out on one of the tables that had China as the primary topic of conversation.

Article one wasn't too bad. However, when I began reading about Wal-Mart in China (and a damn Sam's Club?) I began getting angry. My lunch break isn't long enough to get into it (and I don't have the magazine to reference), but suffice it to say I was ranting by the time we left the library. I'm not sure the others knew how to handle it. There was some nervous sounding giggling and D tried to jump out once or twice. It just really chaps my ass when resentment bubbles up when another country or people feel the need to not accept the US way of life, and justifications are made to excuse the abuse of a 'lesser' people in order to maintain our wasteful way of life. Besides, Wal-Mart just pisses me off. The article didn't talk about loss of jobs or anything but primarily about how now the Chinese people can buy so many more things for so much less (gee, won't life be grand when the entire world lives to be consumers?). No mention of the small businesses that will go under or anything of that nature. Let's just thank Mao that the people can now buy so much more!


Dinner was et down on the beach (apparently, the 2 girls and I were the only ones on the beach who didn't see the green flash. Must have stared at the sun for too long before it dipped I guess. Bummer!), the Bs, girls and I. A beautiful night and amazing sunset over the waves. During the conversation, however, motorcycles and bicycles in traffic came up. The Bs are some of those who make getting around on 2 wheels a dangerous endeavor. Seems it's too tough to look around while driving to notice such vehicles. I began getting into it (oblivious drivers being one of my pet peeves), but since they weren't interested in listening I gave up and went back to watching the sun drop in the sky.

It all turned out well in the end. The night ended with a viewing of Anchorman. Too bad we all fell asleep before the end

Did you know that the people who work in that Wal-Mart and the people who produce what is sold in that Wal-Mart cannot afford to shop there? Not that anyone should ever shop at Wal-Mart (it ages you every time you cross it's threshold), but it's still really crummy.

Oh by the way...this is Hanna from FHU, just in case you were wondering. My friend Kate and I are now planning our year-long adventure tour. I would say you were a bad influence on me, but I came by it naturally. My dad is now living in Armenia. You can read his blog at: www.wattsupinarmenia.blogspot.com
It's pretty entertaining sometimes.

Hope you're having fun!
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