Friday, June 10, 2005

Tired. That's me.

Watched some of the MTV movie awards tonight. Made me feel old. The jokes seemed to be recycled, contrived, predictable, and not very funny. Overall not very enjoyable. Ah well. That's what I get for watching them, right?

Not a bad day. Worked longer hours than usual which should leave us more time to get to the beach tomorrow (didnt' happen today. Worked too late). It's only taken 2 days for my new roommate to feel a little stir-crazy and isolated. Which makes me feel better and validates my feelings! Sigh!

My plane tickets were changed again today; barring any future changes I leave this island in about 3 weeks. Pretty crazy! What this means is that all of you who offered to buy me drinks upon my return...the offer is about to come due!

No, I have no idea what my first move will be once I get to Chicago. Road trips around the midwest again. And to Colorado, perhaps the west coast. Or maybe I'll grab a change of underwear and get on another plane. One can never tell.

I swatted a mosquito today (and yesterday and the day before and....) and cursed it's existence. Ranting aloud, I questioned its purpose in this world especially when you take into consideration its short life span of a day. (Or maybe that's some other bug that only lives for a day. If that is not true about the mosquito, shut it. Don't let details ruin my rant!) Which made me stop and realize that my lifespan ain't all that long, really. Not that I know what my lifespan is going to be. Another 60 years or another 6 hours, I don't know. Whatever it happens to be, I gotta try and make the most of it. Does sitting alone at 11pm on a Thursday night, drinking a beer make the most of the time I have left? Let's all pretend and answer in the affirmative.

I'm in Hawaii. I should be seeing bikinis, yes? One of these days I'd like to see more than just the one I wear while parading around the studio (the new roomie hasn't adjusted to this nightly tradition yet. I accused him of being a prude. That didn't help)

D (the new roomie), also hasn't adjusted to my conversations with myself and any inanimate object that strikes up a conversation with me. Poor bastard hasn't lived a life yet. So innocent!

Odd. I thought that having someone to talk to would stall the losing of my mind. That doesn't seem to be the case. Funny.

Thank god the house is asleep. Not sure B&B would appreciate nude blogging. Freakin' cats.

Ok, enough of this inane drivel. Time for me to head off and fall asleep, alone, in my bed. Maybe I can cuddle up to D without him noticing? Is it worth a try? I'll let you know how it goes.

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