Sunday, June 26, 2005

Race for the Cure 

Last night the American Cancer Society held a fundraising even here on the Big Island. The Race for the Cure was a relay that ran from 6pm to 6am. All teams had to have at least one member on the 'track' at all times for the 12-hour duration. A good cause and fun-sounding event, my fellow interns and I paraded over and contributed our time.

It was a cool event. The 'race' started with a survivors' lap-people who have/had cancer did a lap. Inspiring and very nice. The honored survivor for the event was a cute little 3-year old (leukemia).

Our team leader alloted each of us a 1-hour time slot to fulfill our duties; the 4 of us had the slots from 1am to 5am (D ended up grabbing the 5-530 slot as well). Since there was much time to spare, we walked over to the Kona Brewery to kill some time. And let me toss out some advice: a mixture of calzone, beer and coffee do not make for a happy stummy while running. Somehow I still managed to put in a good showing and only fell down once.

This event was held on a soccer type field. Someone forgot to shut off the sprinklers, and at random times in various places between maybe midnight and 5am streams of water struck unsuspecting walkers. It was the sleeping people getting doused that amused me the most.

What else. I'm tired. Didn't sleep at the field and couldn't hardly sleep once we got home. But, I gotta suck it up. Today is D's bday. We took him to the docks (to begin his quest for work to gain passage to S America) and bought himi lunch. He's at work right now (moron didn't call to ask for his bday off until last night around 10pm) and preparations are underway for a small party when he gets home tonight (if he's still awake). The girls are baking a cake (and dinner, which they are allowing me to mooch) and doing I don't know what. I've been laying on the couch in my underwear trying to sleep. I have the Mai Tai ingredients so I've done my part, right?

Man. Funny things happened, but my brain still ain't woked up. D is a laugh riot, and so energetic. It's nice to see such zeal for life and everything in it. Very refreshing and invigorating.

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