Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Oops, my pants fell off 

Tonight was pot-luck night down on the 'beach' (which is actually 10 feet of sand extending from the parking lot to the 50 feet of lava abutting the ocean). Unfortunately, only our farm showed. Instead of eating there we brought the food back home and ate here.

Prior to leaving the beach, wandering commenced. My new roomie is like a little kid-he is excited and enthralled by any and everything. It's great! Obviously some time was taken to wander the lava and check things out.

In his wandering, D found a 4 foot deep poolon the outer banks of the lava. Semi-protected from the surging ocean, it provided a calm pool with a killer view. Wandering over, he ranted and raved about it being a spiritual experience and I had to baptize myself in this pool (this kid is great!). Unfortunately, I forgot to don my suit. But since I was wearing boxers (with birdies on it), all I had to do was drop trau and get it. Which I did. And it was amazing. Big B hovered over D in his first dip, espousing his belief that such an undertaking should be avoided. Hehe. Some people just don't listen, ya know?

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