Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My beef 

No, not that beef. Simmer down!

Michael Jackson. It's pretty much universally agreed that he is a bit whacko (if you don't think so, leave MJ-land and come back to real life). I don't feel like expending energy to rail on the silly people who feel their beloved celebrities can do no wrong, so I'll focus on other things.

While pulling weeds earlier today, I decided to take umbrage with the friends and family of the King of Tots. He has issues. His childhood was not good and that has affected his life as we know it today (he'd know it as well, but he tends to be a bit oblivious). At some point, the people who knew him best decided that to let him go instead of trying to keep him versed in reality. They allowed him to build his themepark/home and believe that he is not growing older. Apparently not enough effort was put forth to inform him that a 40-year old should not be sleeping with strange 10-year olds.

Where have his family and friends been? Why did they not push him to get counseling or something when they realized he was taking the path divergent from reality? Lawd knows, if I decide to "just sleep" with 10-year olds (first of all, I would go to jail, and hours of pointless media coverage would not be spent following my trial) my friends would throw a shit-fit and let me no in no uncertain terms that what I was doing is not ok. If I continued doing this, they'd probably drift away and not appear now and then to support me to the media (who knew that Liz Taylor is still alive? I had no idea until she once again told the world how wonderful Michael is.....). You can be certain that acting like Mike would not be ok and I'd hear about it. Did MJ get any flak? I was glad to see that even Jesse Jackson said that perhaps Michael should take a look into why allegations such as these keep coming up.

Overall, I'm damn glad it's over with. No coverage was allowed to foul up my hours in front of the tv, and news artcles about it were likewise ignored.

Must be nice to be rich and famous, eh?

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