Monday, June 06, 2005


Is that a cool name for a city or what? Who wouldn't want to visit a city with a name like that?

Pulled my backpack out of the closet today for the first time in weeks (had to rescue my chopsticks from the dark recesses to eat some ramen. Which I haven't actually done yet, but might later.) and it made me sad. It's not been used in over a month! What the crap is that?

Here's the big Q: the ticket I hold in my hand right now busts me loose from Honolulu on the 5th of July. Do I want to wait that long? Today was a productive day, but tomorrow I have to return to the mundane silentitude of work. Hm, it's a mystery!

For those out there who happen to be civil engineers (or otherwise. I'm not racist): if you have any old text books, practice tests or any of that sort of thing you want to get rid of, a guy I met in Fiji is studying engineering and would like any books I might find. He's on his way to being a civil (I am not sure if sitting in a cubicle in Fiji is better or worse than a cubicle elsewhere), and is a big fan of drafting and technical drawings. Let me know, and if I remember I'll collect them when making the rounds of the US. You can give me canned foods or non-rotten fresh foods too if you like. Remember, me no have no jobby

Family Guy. High quality entertainment. Glad to have you back!

For those of you who love to mock your friends, I've got a good one for you. This may be difficult for some to pull off due to the age of the person to whom this jibe can be directed (hopefully). Find a dude in the 22-26 year old age bracket. If you can, find someone who now has a lot of tattoos and plays the angry youth. Remind them of the good old days, the days when the New Kids on the Block were all the rage, the days when their walls were adorned with NKOTB posters and the only music to reach their ears cam from....whatever the hell their names were.

It's official, my mind has gone. Now I'm hearing cows. And they are lowing...SA BAI DEEEEE!

The certain person I know who loved(es?) NKOTB recently worked a show for Joey Mcintyre (sp?). I think it made his life.

Thank god I'm not a loser

At home I have the Star Wars trilogy original edition and the dressed up version. Do I need it on dvd as well? I got the dvd versions in China, but I don't have high hopes of them being quality. Not that I would buy pirated dvds...I'd never want to cheap George Lucas out of that money

Hopefully an exciting visitor will come by the farm tomorrow. Shite! My laundry is still in the dryer! The problem (one of) with living with strangers is not being able to leave your laundry in the dryer for a couple weeks (occasionally withdrawing a needed pair of skivvies). Gotta do it promptly. What a pain.

I didn't shower today.

My Chinese toothpaste is over. My Chinese Head and Shoulders is over. Now what the hell do I do? (I did buy replacements. I am not a complete wreck)

Desperate Housewives is quite popular. Why is that? Another sign of bad times?

Rumor has reached my ears that the Dukes of Hazzard has been redone (movie-wise). Johhny Knoxville and Stifler? Ok, that might work. Not sure I agree with the Jessica Simpson casting. Her damn husband will probably show up in the background singing his crap music. Remember back in the day when the original show had folks like Johnny Paycheck and Waylon Jennings as the musical type guest? Speaking of WJ, did they try and fill the role of the balladeer? I'd better do an internet check and see if they screwed that up. It ain't good to mess with history. Look what happened when they brought in Vance and Coy! I do like Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie. Prompters on that casting call.

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