Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jeff Foxworthy roast 

I caught this comedic event on Comedy Central the other night. The entire cast of the "Blue Collar Comdey Tour" was there, along with others I didn't really know and some special guests.

Now, I am not a huge fan of political correctness. I think it's gone too far and senses of humor need to be rediscovered. BUT, there is a line that should be drawn. A little respect is not a bad thing.

And I know that in the south, there may be a higher percentage of folks who are a bit behind in the times and don't have the open minds necessary to accept all (or most) lifestyles and peoples.

Also, I know that a roast is meant to be a brutal attack on a person to show respect and love and all that crap for them (I must be loved by everyone I meet, since getting ripped on is one of my specialities). But some of the stuff that was getting tossed out was just...not quite right. Some of it made me a bit squidgy. Unfortunately for the southerners who don't fit the stereotype, a lot of their jokes (to me) did fit the stereotype. Which ain't the best: closed-minded, racist, prejudiced (is that repetitive?), and unintelligent.

The funniest part of the show was a bit that I never would have expected to see on a Redneck (i.e.-very right-winged) Roast was a Dubya impersonator (the crowd and performers loved it as well). This guy was perfect! Lots of make-up was used, but there was a definite resemblance. He had Dubya down perfect-sounded like him, the gestures and facial expressions were right on, the inanities (Bushisms) were there...I almost pissed my pants. One of the funniest lines was his proposed solution to our huge deficit: sell Canada! Hehe.

Maybe some day the idea that people are all the same will get thru thick skulls. There are many legitimate reasons to dislike someone; there is no need to rely on their sex, skin color, nationality, religion, etc. For example, someone who: steals your woman. Or poops on your dinner. Or sticks their finger down the middle of your sammich. Or disses your homies. Or thinks that PBR is a bad beer. You know, good reasons.

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