Friday, June 24, 2005

I've been bad 

Man, give me stuff to do and people to talk with and my blogging deteriorates like hell! Sorry, eh?

Yesterday may have been a day of weeding, but it was exciting for brief spells. While unclogging the weeds from the base of the trees at the high end of the farm, I ended up trapped in a nasty situation. A lava 'tube' (in this case it's more of a half-pipe than a tube)(a lava tube is a tunnel, more or less, that lava flowed thru back in the day. Once it's purpose was served, the lava moved on and left tunnels.) runs for about 50 feet down the farm and without noticing it I slipped and fell into it. Looking up I could see daylight and taunting weeds and the tips of some tall papaya trees. I began making my way towards the lower end where I new I could exit easily.

But then I heard it: the pissed off bark of a mongoose. Halting, I peered thru the hanging foliage to ascertain their positions (there were many from the sounds of it). Nothing. The green was too dense to make out any brown furry faces of death.

Stumped, I awaited their next move, and armed myself with a rotten stick and a large fern. Slowly their forms creeped from the shadows and I counted 8 little bodies. Now the nervousness began. Looking up the side of the tube I noticed some hand-holds and rushed to climb out. There was no ensuing rush at me, for the bastards new the lava rock would bust off and not allow me an easy exit. Back on my bum, I cursed the day the weedwhacker hit the first bastard without killing him.

They smile. Mongeese actually smile. For a chicken it must drive them mad with terror. Me, I went a little loony with unease.

One of them continued towards me while the others stopped. For the first time I noticed a white wavy thing atop this leaders head. Stopping to point at it, my confusion increased tenfold.

Dumbfounded, I could do nothing but sit and sweat as he jumped upon my knee (I was reclining on my arse) and shoved out a paw. Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed it and we shook (Mongees have amazingly strong grips), apparently solidifying a new peace upon the farm.).

I guess it's over

Or is it...

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