Monday, June 20, 2005

It must be the money 

Not to worry, fellow earth-denizens. I have not yet found a way to rid the planet me. The thing is, I've been doing stuff! This past weekend was a lot of fun and I have many things to report but it will have to wait until tonight since right now I am on my lunch break.


Thursday the 2 new interns showed up, reinforcing my oldedness. Recent college grads, they are 21 and 22.
Friday night the 4 of us (yes that's right, 4 of us. All fun, though I am by far the old man of the group) sitting around in the big house talking and eating....and finding a career for D. It involves an eye patch, a Venezuelan boat, and attack feral cats. Good stuff
Saturday night saw the appearance of fresh moonshine and Cuban tobacco
Sunday was not that exciting. But that was ok

Eat up and grab your popcorn during this intermission, there's a lot more to come...

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