Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I am no longer alone 

Today, a new body moved into the studio with me. Contrary to previous reports, the bed next to mine was filled today and not next Monday. Seems like a cool dude. We've chatted already. He knows more about me after a couple hours than the Mute did after a month. After dinner we sat on the couch and watched the Daily Show and Chappelle's Show while continuing to eat (it's so hard to stop eating with so much food available!). Together we laughed, and talked, and had a jolly old time! It was as wonderful as I'd imagined it!

I think I love him

Oh wait, maybe not. He is a dude. Not only that, he's ONLY 18!! Damn I feel old. I considered asking if he wanted to hit town and a bar on Friday night. Fortunately, I asked his age first. That might have been awkward.

11 years. That's how much older I am. And the bastard has a good 5 inches on me. I guess not everything comes with age.

Today was not a bad day. Weeds were viciously attacked and beaten down. Damn things were over my head (no short jokes!!), thick, and attempting to make a break for it over the fence into the adjacent coffee farm. Too bad they aren't hip and realize he uses Round Up to battle weeds and not unpaid workers. So thick and gnarly were these weeds that I had to replace the cable on the weedwhacker twice. My hand bled from a flinging piece of something. My legs have new bruises and the field looks like a death zone (for weeds). What a day!

And to top it off, there are 3 young chicks that have taken to following me around like puppies. If they ever crow, they're mongoose meat.

For a moment, I considered typing the words for 'Taps' on here. Seemed like a lot of work.

Can you believe that tomorrow I will be 29 years, 4 months and ....some days old? Whew! What a lot of work!

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