Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hoobeldy doodely doo 

Dum dum dum!

Last week Drew came to me and rescued my quailing soul from the recesses of slothful muckety muck.

Tomorrow my bounty will be increased twofold, unless misery comes to the doorstep. Two young lassies arrive on the morrow, and about them nothing is known. Not their age, country of origin, slipper size, not even their names.

But what IS known, is that they will have, at their disposal, the use of a vehicle (Geo Tracker, I believe. We don't even know their names, but we know what they'll be driving?). What this means for me (and Drew) is a possible means of easy transport about the island. But first and foremost, it means making a decent enough impression so as to not be immediately shunned and restricted from being a passenger in said car.

No highjinks allowed (at first), no rash comments, and no meaningless harassment. My hope is that with time these requisites will fade into obscurity. I will let you know.

Hm. Perhaps I should also wash my clothes and try to not stink badly enough to awaken a drowned mongoose from the dead. Interesting...

Wish me luck. Any bets on whether or not I can behave like a reputable person?

Hitched out to the library the other day. Got a ride from a Scottish dude whose words only occasionally unfiltered into understandable untterances in my ears. Nice guy though. After dropping off books and grabbing an India guidebook (not Lonely Planet though. And boy, what a difference!), I sat and read many pages of one of the 4 books currently in my rotation. My attempts to get a ride back were rewarded with a cruise on the mythical public transportation bus (the Hele On). And it was free. Go figure. Added to this comedy of my afternoon was the appearance of my Scottish ride as I mounted the steps! Seems his battery blew and was taking the bus home. Har-har, eh?

Ah, the things that amuse me.

I am corrupting D. It is not my intent (or is it?), but it's working. But how far should I take it, and how far from the acceptance of society as a whole should I drive him?

If god wills it....

1) I think it is cute and kind of sweet that you've taken D under your wing.

2) What do you find annoying about Lonely Planet?

3) Please tell me the mongoose did NOT get murdered!!

4) In my opinion, being pranked and harrassed by someone I've just met is very endearing. Go for it! Just make sure to tell us the results...
1. Let's ask D's mom in a few months how cute and sweet she thinks my influence has been. Hehe

2. Lonely planet is typically not annoying, I must have mis-typed. I actually think they put out great travel guides. Now and then you get one that is a bit sub-par, but they are great. Highly recommended by Corey TS

3. No mongoose got murdered. Though it may have ended up sub-alive.

4. Harassing is not something i have an easy time leaving out of my repertoire (defensiveness?). Fortunately these girls have a sense of humor (too often about how old I am). The pranking is reserved for D. It's just more fun...
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