Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gonnna get a late start 

Rained a lot today. Had to cut work short, drat the luck. Ended up running errands instead. Got me some work jeans (Wranglers, many sizes too big, but my rope belt holds them up) and a free shirt from the 'free stuff' plastic bag. Wrangled a couple travel books from the library. And we just watched 'Motorcycle Diaries'. Great flick.

Makes me feel a little urging and pushing and motivated tho a bit unclear direction-wise. Don't worry. I'll get there.

Never finished the weekend tales, did I? Not too exciting, in a way. Saturday night we all went up to a beer tasting bash. Not so much a bash as 9 of us sitting around BS'ing and sampling home brew. Damn good stuff. Late in the night our host brought out some of his distilled stuff, which happened to be some of the smoothest stuff I've ever tasted. Yummy.

Yes, this guy not only makes home brewed beer but moonshine as well. When he pointed out the Cuban tobacco plants I almost spat out the coffee flavored beer I was mid-drinked. Good times, y'all.

Other good times can be found when trying to teach a couple rookies how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. On very rocky ground. Uphill. Watching them give each other advice adds to the hilarity.

I'm tired. It's gettin' on 3am and I need to work tomorrow!

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