Thursday, May 05, 2005

What am I missing here.... 

Read this article and fill me in on what I missed.

They are building a dam in Laos (foreign investors of course), a place the article calls one of the world's poorest countries.

Environmental groups object that the dam will destroy farm land, and disrupt fish stocks.
The dam is the biggest-ever foreign investment in Laos, a desperately poor country in the Mekong River valley whose people rely heavily on the river system for food and transport.

The power created by this hydroelectric dam will sold to Thailand creating revenues for Laos. 6,200 people will be displaced and resettled.

How will this revenue help the Laotians? Especially the ones who are a bit self-sufficient? Since they rely on fishing and rivers, what do these people gain by blocking the river and screwing up the fish (which it will)?

There is very little mention in the article (virtually none) about the people, how they'll be impacted, and how they will benefit.

Can anyone clue me in? Tell me there is more to this than a govt getting money at the expense of its people.....

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