Friday, May 27, 2005


And not in the cool way like the EMF song.

Yesterday I ask the Mute if he has any planned trips to the Post Office or back towards town because I need to go and maybe stop at the grocery as well. I ask this, because since we are out in the boonies, you plan to do as many things as possible when heading into town. He said no, nothing planned.

It's 10 minutes to 8AM right now. I grabbed my coffee and came down here to check my email and look out over the ocean. Guess what? The f*ckwit isn't here! Seems he took the truck and headed off...somewhere. Unreal. I'm a little hacked off, to say the least. Maybe I won't see if he wants to check out the Star Wars movie; I'll just take the truck and go. Ya know, I've had thoughts that the fellow is pretty self-absorbed and doesn't exactly consider those around him, but figured I was just frustrated at his mutedness. My initial impression may be correct.

What the sh*t? While it's true I don't get up at 6AM like he does (nor do I go to sleep at 9PM, like he does), but he coulda waited a bit until he saw me moving about before heading off to do whatever it is he'd doing.

So it goes. I was going to head over to the post office around 10ish. Maybe I'll wait, but if the library is open early (I have more books to pick up!), I'll take the keys when he gets back and run my errands then. And I'll take the recycling so that I can claim it's a work trip.

At least it's Friday. Now if I could only figure out if we get Monday off like the rest of this country....

Sorry if you've already told us this information, but how old is the Mutie? Or wait, the Mute. Guess a Mute isn't the same as a Mutie, eh? For some reason, this information seems rather relevant to your latest post.

On another note, I am very much looking forward to your comments on the Star Wars movie!!
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