Friday, May 20, 2005

A time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to wring his neck 

Yes, I should be out pulling weeds right now. But first I have to vent.

The urge to have my head combust is quite high right now. Isolation is taking its toll. I am beginning to understand why being put into isolation in prison is serious punishment.

The owners took off today for the mainland. Since my co-worker drove someone else to the airport earlier this week, I'd hoped that today B&B would be my charges. No such luck.

Maybe they decided to let him drive knowing I haven't driven since September. Maybe he offered/asked. I have no idea. But now the guy who doesn't talk and never goes anywhere (or ever wants to) is getting a couple/few hour reprieve from this farm while I am still here dying to break free for a bit! My hopes were set on driving them and spending a couple hours (it's a long way to the airport) out and about, maybe stopping at the used bookstore to swap a couple of my books. Nah, I'll pull more weeds instead!

Suffice it to say, I need to get out. Today will be cut off early so that I can head into town and at least be around people. And look into scooter rentals (rumor has it they're $100 or so a week. I can handle that.). Tomorrow will be a beach day, even if there is a tropical storm.

The new 'interns' that are showing up here sometime in June, are hopefully arriving in early June and like to be social. If things continue this way indefinitely, making it to the end of June will be tough. And the last thing I want is to leave Hawaii with an acrid taste in my mouth.

Is it pathetic to approach randoms on the street and beg them to talk with me, or take me home to have dinner with them?

Oof-da. Today is going to be a rough one

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