Thursday, May 19, 2005

This one goes out to you, Jub-Jub 

My new found joy in this life of toil and drudgery (as drudgish as life can be in Hawaii) is the weed wacker. Today I spent 4 of 6 working hours making my way around this 5+ acre farm, taking out weed after weed. As amusing as this job is to me, sometimes you still need to liven things up.

I wear shin guards. They make me feel like a soccer player, something I have never allowed myself to become. My amusement for a brief time today was giving in to those wanton impulses and acting out my non-dream of being a soccer afficionado. All it took was the glancing blow of a shorn twig off my left shin guard to put me into action. Before the twig lost contact with my leg, I dropped the whacker and fell to the ground, clutching my leg as though it had been thwacked with a 2x4. Moaning aloud and rolling around, I begged the referee (the mango tree) to call 'foul' and give the dastardly twig the red card he deserved! Of course the stoicism of the refertree showed me the futility of my pleas; shrugging my shoulders I regained my feet and the fallen whacker and continued on as though nothing had happened.

Only the owners had been making their rounds of the grounds and witnessed my antics. Hitting the STOP button, I attempted to explain myself: "Um, I was making fun...see this guy I know...never mind."

Fortunately they have a sense of humor and laughed and joked about it then and at dinner tonight. I wonder how many times they'll have to catch me amusing myself in these ways before they send me packing?

And it begins.. Next, you'll be seeing how hard you can kick coconuts without breaking your foot... It's a path one doesn't turn back from. Welcome to the dark side.
Speaking of the dark side, have you been able to see the latest installment of the Star Wars Saga? In my opinion, the best one of them all.. If you have the opportunity, I think it's worth the effort.
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