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Star Wars-Episode 3 

Did I like it? Yes, very much. The tie-ins and deeper explanations with the original three movies were great. And like I read somewhere, an interview with Lucas I think, Darth Vader was shown in a different light than he came off in the originals (at least until the unmasking at the end of Jedi)-he wasn't pure evil, he was a tragic figure.

Also, I liked how in the scene showing how Vader came to be how he was (physically), Obi Wan finally shed that almost snotty way about him and cut loose and showed some emotion.

I've heard people complain that the acting wasn't all that great and that the dialogue could have been better. Neither was bad, I thought (That dude playing Vader definitely had that "I'm pissed off and am powerful enough to take a sh*t on your head if I wanted to, and in fact I think I will" look down pat. Very cool, esp with the eye highlights). Besides, Lucas was simply remaining true to the original 3 movies-the acting wasn't all that great in those movies either.

Doesn't matter.

And yes, Darth Vader is dressed all in black and has a black man's voice (THE voice. JEJ is awesome), but is a pasty white boy underneath. Of COURSE the Emperor retrofitted a new voice for AS/DV. Skywalker's simpering whiny voice isn't nearly as intimidating.

Why couldn't Jar-Jar Binks have been killed? It could have been a random act of violence, I don't care. Annoying character (replaced in the latter/earlier movies by C-3PO, who at least served a true purpose. Or did he?), Lucas could have done us the favor of terminiating him.

A cameo by Billy Dee Williams would have been awesome.

It's great that the original actors for Chewie, both droids, and Yoda were in this flick as well.

A planet full of Wookies? Awesome. Chewie still looked wooden and dorky, esp in comparison to his planet-mates.

Natalie Portman is...rather attractive. And speaking of attractive women, did anyone notice the scantily clad women folk prancing around in that movie? Hell, even one of the Jedis had cleavage busting out.

Yoda's new teachings for Obi Wan? Rad.

Good times.

My brain is not working at all today. Maybe I'll try this review again later after some more caffeine.

OK, movie spoiler comment coming, so if someone is reading this who has not yet seen the movie, STOP NOW!

That said, Corey, did you really buy into AS/DV killing off the kids in the temple that early into his...uh..."evil" training? I mean, one minute he is thinking of killing a Sith and the next he is killing youngling Jedi in the name of a Sith. I wish they had spent a little more time working toward his downfall.

One more thing, what was your fave part of the movie? I would have to say that when AS/DV took his first breath with the DV mask on, it was spectacular. Gave me chills...
The transition from AS/Jedi to AS/DV/slaughterer of most everyone he knew among them little kids did seem to be a quick transition. But the Force is tricky, and the Dark Side is quite the slippery slope. The moral of that story (like all others in history) is simple: it's the woman. Bringing us down. He'da been a nice Jedi except for his woman!

My fave part..tough one. The first breath in the mask was definitely up there. The 'evil look over the shoulder with the half cloaked face and yellow tinted eyes' (AS/DV) scene was pretty rad as well.
Oh, WOW! The woman, eh? Being female myself, you would think that I would take offense at that comment, yet I do not. However, such INSIGHT!! Think about it!! I have been confused about the dark force versus light force thing. They keep mentioning throughout the movies that AS was the "chosen one - to bring balance back to the force" but I could never figure that out. How could one dark force Sith be balanced out by numerous...uhhh...light force Jedi? And then of course, AS became DV and we all thought the prophecy referred to Luke as the chosen one. But, BUT...WHAT IF the chosen one is FEMALE? Who else but Natalie aka Mrs. AS to be the chosen one? Did SHE give balance to the force? Giving rhetorical birth to DV and then giving phsyical birth to Luke and Leah? Hmmm....the possibilities....
Wow. I am way too caffeine deficient to keep up with that train of thought. Tho I am glad no offense was taken (of course not ALL women are evil. Just 99%). I like your theory, and that is an outlook I'll ponder while sitting on the beach in an hour or so. Actually, I really like your theory. I am sure we can find religious undertones if enough effort is expended.

In the meantime, let me toss this back: they say we all have both male and female in us, tho the majority of us exhibit outer signs of only one gender. Maybe the Dark Side is comprised of men who are more in touch with their feminine side? And the female Jedi were very in touch with their maleness? Just an idea. Not that women are the Dark Side or anything...

For the record, and those that don't know me: I am not a woman hater. Women are too soft and warm and smell too nice to be hated, by me. But they are a pain in the arse, which makes it tough at times for someone as perfect like me to deal with.

Ok, just took a healthy swig of scotch and settled in to further this line of thought along. SO many religious undertones, by the way. The yin/yang is very in keeping with the male balancing the female side of things, the dark counteracting the light.

So, in keeping with your theory that 99% of women are evil (and I am sure I fall smack dab in the middle of all that evilness), have you ever wondered why DV was not able to sense the force in Leah? He sensed it in Luke, but as the father of Leah, you would think he would have sensed her abilities too.

Now, the fact that he did not, is that because she was female and able to bury her evilness thoroughly enough that DV couldn't sense it? And if Sith lords are "bred" through women who have laid with someone strong in the force (who is AS/DV's father anyway? The movie DID make referrence to an earlier Sith lord who had sexual encounters with various women...) (or is that the scotch kicking in?) well then perhaps this leads us to believe that Leah is carrying the submissive "dark force" trait in her and it just needs to be coaxed out of either her or her offspring. Thus, Leah is now the chosen one, the balancer of all that is good and evil. (And that makes Han Solo the father of the next Sith Lord.)

And your perfectness aside, women in general really ARE a pain in the arse! Thus my boss' new name, Sith Lord Jennifer... (Trust me, if anyone could give birth to an evil Sith, she could!!) (I am still posting as "anonymous", right? haha!)
First let me quote Toby Keith: "Don't ever trust a woman drinkin' whiskey [scotch] who lights her own cigarettes". Do you light you own cigarettes as well? You've inspired me to open my new bottle of Bushmills later and suck a little down. Thank you.

That said, your scotch fueled thoughts are quite impressive. I think the idea of the 'chosen one', is not only denial but a very religious ideal. The Jedi's claimed that the chosen one would bring balance. However, they didn't really want balance, they wanted their idea of balance. At the end of Episode III, the scales were tipped in favor of the Dark Side. At the end of Jedi, the Dark Side appears to be terminated. Neither situation shows much balance. Their idea of balance was, essentially, superiority. Good winning out over evil. A Jesus figure, if you will. Good needs evil, evil needs good. I think after Jedi, the universe got bored with 'peace', and 'evil' returned. Or Han Solo ditchedf Leia, pissing off Luke enough to seek vengeance, thus wreaking havoc once more (The base cause? The woman).

It is a mystery as to why DV could not sense the Force in Leia, with whom he had close (not too close hopefully) contact. Hell, he sensed Obi Wan from the other side of the Death Star. Your theory makes the most sense-the deceptive woman hid her true self from DV. (And Han Solo. She roped him in first, KNOWING that she could change him to her likings later).

I don't know that Leia is alone in carrying the Dark Side trait. That, unfortunately, is innate in the gender.

I'm glad that you agree I am perfect. I must not know you.

On that subject, you are still anon, and repercussions from Boss Slander won't come from here. But do I know you?

Celibate/emotionless Jedis=good
Emotional/caring siths=bad

What is the message in that?
I would like to express my annoyance at having spelled Leia incorrectly in my previous posts. Thank you for enlightening me.

Ok, since you brought up the "Jesus figure", then I have to bring up the connection between Padme and Mary. Both gave birth to a good force, intent upon obtaining balance through superiority. If evil is an innate trait within the female gender, then so must be good. It is only fitting that if the female brought evil into this universe (Eve with Adam and Padme with AS) then so must it be the female who also brings in the counterbalance of good (Mary with Jesus and Padme with Luke).

And Leia did NOT rope in Han Solo KNOWING that she could change him later. Any woman worth her salt knows to NEVER try to change a man. Perhaps guide him and train him, but not change him. It is impossible!

Ok, I have to admit that I am at the end of my comparisons between Star Wars and religion. However, just wait until the movie, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, comes out! The comparisions will be limitless!!

So, to your questions: No, I do not light my own cigarettes, as I do not smoke. Nor am I particularly fond of Toby Keith. Or any country music for that matter. (I know, I know, you did not ask me about that, but I thought I would give my opinion anyway!) No, you do not know me, although we do know someone in common. And I wouldn't be surprised if I actually meet you someday. I will be the one who buys you a shot of whiskey, your choice of course. As to the message in your theory:

Celibate/emotionless Jedis=good
Emotional/caring siths=bad

I truly cannot fathom. At least, not with a sober mind...
Wow! That was a mouthful! I'm glad the Star Wars/religion comparisons are over, b/c I think I'm out of material. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, eh? I remember liking the book. I didn't realize there was a movie coming out. I'm a bit out of the mainstream these days.

I'm am more than willing to accept a shot of whiskey anytime; I look forward to it. And you've doubled the intrigue and mystery that surrounds you. Nice work.

As for that last bit I blabbed on my last comment...who the hell knows. I'd broken into the Bushmills and it was late. Another poorly attempted jab at organized religion, most likely.
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