Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Slowing down... 

These updates may be a bit boring until I get my laptop and can spend a lot of time online. I promised you Uzbekistan info, and it is still on the burner I just need the time and all that

So, what's going on? Got my second day of work under my belt. Feels good to be active and do some manual-ish labor. I want more. Mostly mindless tasks so far that leave plenty of time for thought. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it makes me miserable. So it goes.

The weekend is coming up! It's been a long time since I've looked forward to it. Since I am effectively cut-off from most civilization out here during the week, I'll have to head into town on Friday night or Saturday (or be crazy and hitch out both days!) and see what kind of trouble I can get into. My fellow worker here is not adventurous, so I'll have to tape on the name, address, and phone number of this place when I go so that if necessary I can be helped home! Hehe. Jonny Lang is playing at the Kona Brewery on Saturday, and I am hoping to get into that. Since I may be working on another farm Saturday AM (making cash; aka-beer money) so it might be tight.

I took a shower. I'm clean again! Clothes? More or less.....

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