Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Fate seems to have it in for me. That, or I'm just a clutz.

The farm-it's on a steep incline. The house is at the high end, a fence at the low end. Trees, bushes, weeds, trucks, lawnmowers, myna birds and chickens lay in-between.

The ground? Mostly lava rock. Craggly and crumbly and hurty.

Today was a weeding day. To amuse myself, I weeded in a meandering line thru the field under attack. I giggled throughout, anticipating confusion amongst the birds and bugs who would be missing their fave flowers by day's end.

6 hours of toil over, I stood at the low end of the field and surveyed the damage I inflicted. Two sets of 'esses'-a ncie walking trail.

I decided to take a step back to get a better look (though how I expected to see something above me better by going lower I have no idea). Just then, the lady next door came out on the balcony in her mumu and waved seductively while shoving a pie into her mouth (no, not a piece of pie...). Distracted, momentarily stunned and temporarily blinded I found myself backpeddling and stumbling....and falling. Ass over tea kettle (damn thing was hidden in the weeds for some reason)(I think Palmer was making tea; pre-race routine) I bounded the 1/4 mile to the lower fence and came to rest on my shoulders and head.

The other WOOFER here (yes, I have gone from tourist to backpacker to biker and back to backpacker and now to a WOOFER)(I hate labels) ran down laughing his stupid Oz ass off. He'd seen what had happened and let me know (before helping me up) that he had been waiting for that to happen. He'd been around a while and this was not a new experience. In fact, he even had his camera ready. Fortunately, it jammed.

Time for some chocolate. My bunions hurt!

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