Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New allies? 

Uzbekistan's President Karimov is off to China. Before leaving, the Chinese government voiceed their support of his handling of the recent protests there. Really? China would not condemn (like most of the rest of the world) a violent suppression of speech and protest and use of intimidation to quiet any possible complaints about the govt? How odd. Being a bastion of good behaviour, I would expect them to take umbrage with the violence. Hm. Check out this article.


Uzbek authorities say 52 people remain in custody.

Andijan's chief prosecutor said on national television that the group was being held on suspicion of organising terror and bandit attacks.

Those in detention include Saidjahan Zainabiddinov - a well-known human rights activist who stayed close to Andijan's main square after the crackdown began, helping journalists and telephoning foreign embassies.

Hundreds of people have fled into neighbouring Kyrgyzstan.

Silence warning

No-one wants to talk about what they saw in the city, says the BBC's Monica Whitlock.

Andijan residents say armed militiamen are patrolling at night from house to house, warning occupants to keep silent.


China said on Tuesday it agreed with President Karimov's use of force.

"We firmly support the crackdown on the three forces of separatism, terrorism and extremism by the Uzbekistan government," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan told a news conference in Beijing.

"We support the efforts by the Uzbekistan government to stabilise the domestic situation and to engage in national development."

Of course they support it! Suppression is one of their leisure-time activities!

Maybe China's allies-to-be won't come from Europe. There are quite a few central Asian leaders who I am sure would appreciate the support of a country as powerful as China....

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