Sunday, May 22, 2005

Moving on 

Not to worry, I've moved a bit past the meloncholia of earlier tonight. The mute and I actually gabbed for a bit (shocked the hell out of me) while getting food together for dinner (mine ended up being a salad with fresh avocados, ramen, and a cheese/ham/bagel sammich. Healthy, eh?). Then I returned to my laptop and have been attempting to download 10 pics from Fiji for about 2 hours now. In the meantime I've seen a lot of Dave Chappele's show, a Chris Rock special, and am past my first Natty Light.

Which means I've calmed a bit, and that is nice. Tomorrow we'll re-evaluate.

Beginning to read my guidebook on the Karakoram Highway (one of the many books I acquired from the library today) hasn't hurt. The pics are beautiful, the adventure possibilities exciting, and that has me excited. A calendar and more thought are needed to think the adventure thru a bit more. Let me just say this: the next Chinese bike I buy will not have rainbow painting on it (I hope), and will be of much higher quality than the last. Whaddya think, I can do 400-700kms in a month, yes? Keep the faith, that's what I say.

Anyone willing to contribute to upcoming adventures is more than encouraged. Maybe the Beastie Boys will consider donating some of their pocket change for my foray into Tibet? Wonder if they have a section on their website dedicated to people trying to get the word out? Hang on. I'll go check

Smile. Why not?

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