Friday, May 27, 2005

Let's start with a hate blog 

A couple ideas of a post have been running thru my mind in the last hour or so, but I've decided to start with this one. I am watching South Park now, and they are dealing with Wal(l)-Mart. It's funny, check it out. What has it made me think? I f*cking hate Wal-Mart. A good friend of mine does work for them (eventually) and sometimes tries to defend them and put forth a different perspective (i.e.-non-hating). His arguments are good, yes. But, I still hate WM. And having seen a Wal-Mart in Kunming, China has only made that worse. That made me very angry. If you are going to eliminate jobs (yes, that happens) then restrict it to the US. Fortunately they have completely forgotten their "Buy American" campaign. Otherwise, their profit margins wouldn't be as great.

F*ck 'em. That's not just the wine talking. It's been a joy not seeing the bastards for months.

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