Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I hear mouse soup makes you fertile 

For those who've been reading about my travels, I hope it's come across that I put a lot of stock in trying to adapt to local customs and cultures, and to respect the differences between me and people who aren't me. BUT, I do believe that there is, can, and maybe should be a stopping point for this.

DISNEY, the WONderful (yes, that is quite sarcastic) mono...corporation whose only reason for existence is to bring joy to kids all around the world, is opening a new theme park: Hong Kong Disneyland!

Sounds nice, right? Check this out:

Hong Kong Disneyland, which opens in September, will serve the soup at wedding banquets and special events.

But campaigners say millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins, driving some species close to extinction.

Disney says it is simply being respectful to local culture.

It is traditional in Chinese society to offer the clear, glutinous broth on important occasions.


But environmental groups such as Greenpeace and the Worldwide Fund for Nature warn the shark is one of the most over-exploited species on earth.

They are urging Disney to take the soup off its menu and to do more to help to educate the public about the issue.

Disney has rejected the complaints, claiming the dish is an integral part of any Chinese banquet.

The company says it takes environmental stewardship very seriously.

I find that a pretty weak response. Let's hope Disney doesn't open a theme park in/around the Amazon jungle. Maybe they'll have a 'Slash and BurnLand'.

The full article can be found here.

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