Monday, May 23, 2005

I got a phone number! 

Exciting, I know. Let me explain

Today I hitched into town and ended up sitting drinking a mocha and reading (planning, actually. Have a decent grasp on the Karakoram trip. Until it all changes anyway). Eventually I headed down the way and had a philly cheese steak and a couple beers at the bar of a place that I was told is the place to be (by the bartender. But I think she might be biased); the place to be after dark of course.

A beer order was the first thing to come out of my mouth and I was carded, an action that was followed by a 5 minute conversation between the bartender and the guy next to me about how I had definitely lost a ton of weight and look better with long hair. Ok, I won't forcefully tell them to stop talking thus.

The guy next to me was pretty cool and we talked for a while and ended up playing pool. As I bemoaned my lack of mobillity and access to people he offered his number in case I got stuck in town late and couldn't get home-I could crash with him. Nice! Yes, that was the number I got. Sorry if that was not quite the story y'all were hoping for. Give me a break, I was lucky to be able to converse with anyone. My social and conversation skills are hurtin' pretty badly.

To make matters better, my second and final ride home came complete with helpful hints on crashing in town. I was told of a church that used to let people crash there at night (free or for a little bit of work-my kind of price) and a park/beach right in town where the driver had slept undisturbed before. Nice! Maybe things are looking up.....

Ok, I have to admit that this is NOT how I envisioned paradise. Please, make something up!! Just allow me to keep my delusions!
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