Friday, May 27, 2005

Here's Johnny! 

Holy crap it's getting worse.
Seriously, I am losing my mind.
Tonight was quite the romantic night. Pasta and garlic bread and wine were the mood setting meal, and a nice movie (The Longest Yard-Burt Reynold's version) got us going. Oh wait. There was no 'us'. It was only me. Not so romantic when you're the only party involved (well, I guess it could be, but we won't go down that road).
Let's just say that I laughed a lot during the movie. Not always at the movie. Occasionally I was overcome with uncontrollable giggling.
If you've seen the original "The Shining", do you remember Jack Nicholson pushing his manic mug thru an axe-chopped door and yelling: "Here's Johnny"? (I may have blogged this already. I forget) That is how I feel, and it's getting worse.
Today I danced around the farm to country music with the weed whacker. Tomorrow I am requisitioning the truck to hit a few places, the last of which will be a movie theater to see the last installment of star wars.
The mute is getting worse, and I talk to myself. A lot. I am not a hermitic person by nature. This forced seclusion might be taking its toll.
But it's ok. Tomorrow I'll hit the 7pm movie, and ask the Mute if he wants to go (with my luck, he'll damn say yes). After the movie, assuming I'm alone, I'm going into town and seeing some of the night life. Maybe I shouldn't even ask the Mute?
What the hoo-hoo?!?!
Definitely, I am losing it.
Don't cry for me Argentina!
So Monday is a holiday. Do I get the day off? The owners aren't here, and I am afraid that if I ask the mute this question I'll be answered with either scornful comments about the US or I will get no response. What to do, what to do.
Yes, I know, there is no puity for me. BUT, I am in isolation! Involuntary with relief not that far away!
Giggling maniacally, almost uncontrollably, is not a good sign, yeah? At least we have Ramen.

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