Monday, May 02, 2005

Good omen after good omen 

I have arrived. Dragon's Lair Estate Kona Coffee farm.
Great place, great coffee.
Got here Yesterday, about 12 hours before I left Fiji. To say I was a little screwed up on days would be appropriate.
Slept an hour overnight if I was lucky
But I am ashamed. I had a layover in Honolulu before flying to Kona. One hour of sleep. I hadn't eaten a real meal (crackers, cookies, fruit...) in one or two or...??...I am not sure how many days because of the dang timeline! Anyway, it'd been a while.
I had a LARGE coffee (they didn't reprimand me for saying large. I was going to complain....) from Starsucks and....oof....a sausage biscuit from BK. It smelled so good!!
My head is hung in shame

The coffee farm is at 1000 feet with an amazing view of the ocean. Great folk, easy enough work (yes, today was my first day of work since....whatever month it was that I quit), chickens everywhere and all that jazz. AND, the good omens are almost slapping me.
The place-DRAGON'S Lair-lots of dragon deco. I have a dragon on my arm!
One of the owners-from Chicago and went to Purdue!

Great things are going to happen

Now that I am in more confined places with more people, I think it's time to maybe step up from baking soda to a true deodorant. It'll make me smell better, and the bleaching process of my armpit hairs will stop (no joke).

What are you doing at the coffee farm other than stealing their beans? In case you didn't hear, the Bears drafted Kyle Orton (Purdue quarterback).

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