Saturday, May 14, 2005

The earth moved for me last night 

Had an earthquake last night. Shook the hell out of the house. A couple of times.

Innocent little me was sitting in the lanai (the main house above me, the studio where I am living is up some stairs, across the garage, and around back) getting ready to shut my computer down when all hell broke loose.

Keep in mind (after I tell you) that it was a little after midnight. Being exhausted, I’d set my bedtime as 10pm at the latest. Obviously I missed. And judging by my reaction to the shaking world, I never should have been up so late.

My initial reaction was to jump up and fall off my chair. My heart found itself beating like hell, and my brain began to question what had happened. Maybe the owners of the house were upstairs, having a time of love that got out of hand? Perhaps one of them had a health issue and collapsed? But here’s the one that slayed me (today): maybe someone ran their car into the house (twice)!

For further reference, to get to the house from the highway you have to make a 90-degree right turn into the drive. The initial angle is probably 30 degrees or more (quite steep). Twenty feet in you make another 90 degree turn and then you have a straight shot at the garage. To hit the actual house you must either jump the car over the continuing incline or go into the garage, thru the wall, into and thru the laundry room, continuing into the coffee packaging room and thru its far wall into the house. Neither option seems likely. Yet somehow this was more than plausible in my fatigued mind.

The lights were extinguished while the computer finished shutting down. I grabbed my headlamp (there are no lights outside and the moon was clouded over. There are movement sensored lights by the garage and around the corner, but I needed to mount some stairs and go quite a distance before activating them) and skittishly scampered back to the studio, scared all the while of being…I don’t even know. It was beyond silly. Looking back on my reaction, I was more zonked than I thought. No matter.

This morning B & B mentioned the earthquake the night before. I giggled as I remembered my reaction to it. What a spadoosh I am!

It was exciting! Now that I am hip with life here, I’m ready for more! Well, as long as our side of the mountain doesn’t collapse and slide out into the ocean….

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