Monday, May 30, 2005

Darn english skin! 

Oops. My intentions were to sit in the shade, eliminating the need for sun block. Guess I was more in the sun and for longer than I thought. My front side (even thru the damn chest hair! I swear, that stuff isn't good for anything!) resembles a slightly cooked lobster. A touch of pink, but not quite red. Ah well. It'll give me a good base?

More Uzbek news. Another crackdown and 'detention' of people planning a protest in Tashkent, the capital. Though the recent issues are blamed on Islamic terrorists, the recent detainees are not of that ilk. Hm.

In another article, the director for Human Rights Watch's Central Asian Division said that the US has a "schizophrenic policy", towards Uzbekistan. Hehe. That's funny, but not funny at the same time. We are for human rights, but you get a pass for letting us park planes in your lots. I don't know...

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