Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another nice dinner 

Tonight we had another potluck dinner down on the beach. As this is a gathering of organic farmer types, the food is very good and organic (clean). Eggplant, tofu, bananas, pasta, chili, bean soup, mac and cheese….awesome grub. One guy even brought beer so I was washing down my chili with Longboard Lager.

Check this out. Most people who do this organic farm thing are youngish. Two ladies hit the island today and are working on one of the farms. They are 70 years old. They’d never been to Hawaii and figured there was no time like the present (I think widowed?). They were so damn cute it was ridiculous. As soon as they stepped out of the car they introduced themselves around; they took pictures; they couldn’t stop grinning or saying how much fun they were having and how happy they were to be where they are. It was incredible. Definitely out of the ‘norm’. See? It doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are, and it doesn’t matter if you are not the ‘correct’ age to do something you really want to do. Chances are, the people around you will have more respect and admiration for you (unless you start going to high school at 40. You’ll have problems, but that’s only because you’ll be dealing with high schoolers.

No, this is not my way of gearing myself up to go to college at my old age. I swear!

Doesn’t matter. The point is, it would have been a fun night without them there, but seeing those 2 out there made it a wonderful night! It was like seeing a 5-year old’s face on Xmas morning…

There were no dolphins playing tonight, only a nice sunset. There was almost a chance to look for the green flash, until a cloud got in the way right at the end. Blast!

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