Monday, May 30, 2005

Adventures in Coreyland 

Firstly, let me address a quick message to my mother: Please keep in mind, mother of mine, that I tend to exaggerate and wantonly fabricate events, so consider most of what is to follow as delusional imagining.

Now that that's taken care of, let's get on to my tale of last night (Saturday night).

Most of Saturday was spent debating back and forth with myself as to whether or not I felt up to heading into town. Going into town would be all or nothing, as I would have no place to sleep and no way to get home. An adventure, if you will.

Taking the advice of my little sis, whose theory is to look at what you fear most and then go do it. Heading into town is by no means my biggest fear in life, but I thought it best to ignore my hesitations and get 'r dun! My little backpack was filled with a warm shirt, socks, a book, water and a banana and headlamp. My feet floundered me up to the road, and eventually I got a ride all the way into town. Slick as butter!

Walking thru town, I made cursory glances at the small beaches in town, trying to find an adequate spot to set up camp later that night. Feeling confident that something would turn up, I stopped looking. Since the sun still had a couple hours left of work time, I felt it premature to head to Lulu's (the bar I'd gone to the night before, and weekend before. My thought is that if I frequent the same place, eventually someone will remember me), so I stopped and had a mocha while reading. Then a sammich, while reading. The sun went down, the rain came out and then left again, I didn't move.

Finally my flattened butt got up and I headed down to the bar. It was early enough so that the place wasn't packed and I could take my pick of seats at the bar and strike up non-yelling conversations. My plan worked perfectly! For an hour or so I talked with a big dude who'd been in the military, is based in Fort Wayne, IN, loves the Metro (music venue in Chicago) and couldn't say enough good things about Delilah's (bar next door to the Metro). When he discovered that I like PBR, he insisted on buying me one. Not a bad deal-he'd bought the beer I was drinking at the time, and the PBR came up after he'd left.

It was a fun night. People are very friendly and it's a great atmosphere. New friends I could count on at least one hand, and I was getting the people-time for which I'd been yearning. Around 1:30AM I had my fill and weaved thru the dancing folk and out into the night.

Before finding a place to sleep, I meandered around town for a while. The moon was out and away from the bar area it was nice and quiet. Nothing interesting happened on my walk. Well, maybe one thing. A guy in a minivan pulled up and rolled down his window. I stopped walking but didn't approach the vehicle because I'm not supposed to get rides from strangers unless they know the secret word (um...). His offers weren't very clear; he was offering to take me to either hookers or drugs or both. I declined; my laughing didn't seem to offend him.

Finally, it was time. My place of refuge was a small beach/park, maybe 50 yards long. It was sorta crowded with people doing...stuff. I'm not sure what. Clambering over the low rock wall I laid down next to the wall (so as to appear to not be there to anyone passing by on the street) and let the others do their thing. Sleep came quickly, and before I knew it the sun was up and so was I.

I slept well, but not very long. My original plan had been to hit the larger beaches today and hang out. Upon arising I decided that getting back to my bed for some real sleep was a better idea. By 7:15AM I was under the covers and rapidly drifting off to sleep.

A fun night, to be sure. I'll have to do it again sometime soon.

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