Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Dawn spread across the sky, pouring
warming rays across the land.
No light seeping into the corner
in which I lay curled and broken.
For years the chains across my chest
impeded forward progress.
Unchecked, untested and unbroken
holding me fast, allowing no motion.

The fleet set sail, yet my anchor
allowed me no release.
Leaving me to float here, alone,
regretful and mournful.
Now I scurry about, checking
for chinks or defects, a way out.
Falling further and further behind.
Hope for a gusty, gusty tailwind.

For now I lay curled in my berth
Broken hearted.

That's so sad, there's chilling questions of "Who wrote that?" and a yearning to reach out with a oxygen-acetalene and pull a little Dokken on that ferrous fiend.
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