Thursday, April 28, 2005

First the good news 

My flops were at the hostel when I arrived back yesterday. Which is nice, but also bad b/c it's removed my excuse to wander the country barefoot. So it goes.

Also, one of the Fijians at the hostel had an mp3 he wanted to sell (it was given to him by a Canadian) because they have no mp3s in this country and he can't find a charger for it. So for $50 Fijian (about $30US) I got me an RCA Lyra Jukebox. 40gigs of storage, tho a little bulky. But a steal for $30US when it sells for over $300US.

Since I am back to being on my own, I have reverted to my solitary eating habits. Coffee for bfast, a big veggie curry lunch, and 3 Fiji Bitters for dinner. The beer was a good end to the day, as it temporarily calmed me and stopped the trembling hands and shaking person. Don't worry, not a habit, just a temporary salve. I thought it would also help me sleep, but that was not to be. Good thign I function well (in my mind) on little to no sleep.

So it goes

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