Friday, April 15, 2005

Back to the 'real' world 

Yes, we have returned to the backpackers life. After a week in a fancy resort (thanks again, Mom and Dad) we made our move back into the mainstream this morning.

It was a rough week. Reading, sleeping, cards, eating, napping, laying by the pool....but we did go for a couple of runs on the beach. That was exciting. And we swam just enough to not drown in the ocean or pool.

There were a lot of families there with very loud little kids. I had this wonderful idea that R supported, as did the dad of this little girl. Seems little...whatever her name was, is a thrill seeker already at 6 years old. Lots of energy and a strong set of lungs.

Since she likes fear, I decided to take her out to the ocean (the pool was too small), grab her by her feet, spin like a discus tosser, and send her head over teakettles into the ocean. Mommy was getting a massage and a worn out looking daddy thought it a great idea. Off we went. Did she know what was coming? Not really. We told her I was going to throw her around in the ocean. Her bored pouting face sealed the deal. Out on the sand I told her to lay down (a crowd had followed us and the balconies at the resort next door were filling. Why? The little imp was yelling how bored she was and....what was I doing?) and then grabbed her feet. Moving in slow circles I waded out to mid-calf level and sped up. In 2 circles I felt momentum had gained enough of a hold and I let her fly out towards the deep end. Her shrieking increased as my speed picked up and when I let go....whew! The island breathed a sigh of relief when she hit the water and went under. It was the most ungraceful flight ever (head over feet, no form, splayed limbs and whirling hair) but it worked. She surfaced, bellowing now, and she chased me down to do it again. Three tosses later I ran for the room as soon as her feet left my hands. For the next 3 days I had to hide or feign sick slothiness to avoid her. Insatiable!

Now we are in the town of Suva, where everything (except this internet place) closes by 3pm on Saturday, not to open until Monday. So my blog may get fully updated by the time we head out again.

Monday we plan to book a place on another island where the plan is to actually do something. Snorkel, hike, bike, eat.....I'll let you know how it goes.

Question: is buttery movie theater style instant popcorn bad for cholesterol? R made me eat a few bags. I didn't want to, but I didn't want her to eat alone....

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