Thursday, March 24, 2005

Time to move on 

It's been 5 days or so since I made it to Luang Prabang, and the ants in my pants are insisting that I get off them and move some more. Tomorrow is the day. Down thru the town of Vang Vieng for a day or 2, thru Vientiang and then to Bangkok. My visa expires tomorrow, so the border folks will want some extra cash from me for overstaying my welcome, but that is more appealing to me than 5 days in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

The days here have been....lazy. Watched some movies, polished off many BeerLaos (a great beer, really), eaten a lot, and been deemed a hero of sorts in the eyes of at least one lad. (thanks, J!). Me and the 'posse' (2 Quebecians, another American, and a British ex-gossip columnist) wandered down to meet a couple other friends at the one true (foreigner) bar in town. Crazy busy place but fun for a short time. I met J and his fiancee C in Kunming China and our travel paths have been pretty similar over the last 3 weeks. J is amazed that I am still alive and thinks my methods of travel are not only a bit suspect, but riotously funny (you'll understand what's so funny when I get the pics downloaded). He's basically telling everyone around town about this crazy guy with a death wish who miraculously keeps appearing where (and more or less when) he says he will. My bike trip and boat trip (don't worry, details will come in a few days. They aren't very short posts) are his examples of my 'gutsiness'. So I show up and say hi and a few randoms look at me and say: "Oh! So you're THAT guy!" What a riot! I didn't do anything that daring or outrageous (I don't think) but with the right spin it sounds pretty good. So thanks, J. It's also balling me up to find a new venture to embark upon. I'd feel remiss in my duties as a story source if I parted ways with those 2 without another scheme in mind. Unfortunately, working on a coffee farm in Hawaii may not offer such exotic ideas.

And I'm actually worried about that. What if I get bored in Hawaii? Then what? I'll worry about that later. For now I should get to buying a bus ticket for tomorrow. Or get another BeerLao. Priorities, man!

For those who've heard the Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett duet "It's 5 o'clock somewhere", let me just say that that song has an entirely different meaning for me now than it did when it came out and I was locked in a cubicle. How crazy is that? I used to sit in a cubicle dressed nicely (nicely for me, anyway) doing work.

Now I sit here in Laos; my underwear is dirty; my shirt (a 5 time hand-me-down to me from my sis from her ex from....) has a large hole under the right armpit and a small one under the left (gotta get out the needle and thread); my sandles are almost over and my feet filthy; my hair is, well, entirely out of control.

Went swimming in a waterfall yesterday. Or for you anal types, I went swimming in the pool at the base of a waterfall.

And I seem to have protracted another bug to keep Tolliver (giardia) company. Unless it's ole' T getting restless. Not sure.

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