Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Time to move again 

I am sitting in spring-like weather in southern China (Kunming, YunnanProvince) waiting for my bus to leave. At 7pm or so tonight I mount up for a long, long, long ride. They project a 24 hour ride or so. No bus trip I have been on yet in China has arrived less than 2 hours late. Am I ready for this? We'll find out...The days here have been...interesting. Got here no problem and found the hotel fumblessly. The others in my dorm room were nice, with the exception of one older crazy dude. He got in bed at 9pm, talking to himself (loudly) all the while. Fake snores, talking. Fake snores, talking. We took the hint; the others went to sleep and I left the room to read. Next morning he was up at 7am, talking to himself very loudly, laughing hysterically, cussing us out (in some language) as though we had been bad the night before. He even made loud rooster noises! A bit nerve wracking because he was big, and no doubt way off his rocker. The hostel moved him to another room. They were scared of him too so we were surprised they didn't kick him out. This morning, at 6:15am, I heard him doing his thing up and down the hallway. Talking, laughing and shouting to himself. Crazy, and an areshole.

Today I am whiling away the hours. Picked my Laos visa up this morning, found an ATM willing to give up some cash to me and now all i need to do is find some food and convert some Chinese currency to US currency (easier to exchange US bills in other countries) and wait around. Hopefully, I will cruise into Laos on the 12th. If all goes according to plan...which it sometimes does?

Don't cry for me, Argentina!

Warm weather is much more pleasant than cold, ya know? Though I may change my mind as I'm sweating the last of my skin off in Laos.

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